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"Rachmaninoff's third Piano Concerto was performed by the American pianist, Eichner. There is no doubt that Eichner possesses the ample technique to play this well known masterpiece. On the large Bösendorfer piano, he drew powerful and deep dark tones that befit the larger moments of the concerto to a "T". The pianist also had some of the softest pianissimi, just barely audible above the orchestra, but impressive.In a display of bravura – and to celebrate the birthday of Horowitz – Eichner played the socks off the C-sharp minor Prelude as an encore."
- Classical Voice of North Carolina (CVNC) October 2016

"The Keppel Auditorium of Catawba College was transformed into the Carnegie Hall of the South, complete with a full-blown symphony orchestra, a world-class piano soloist, and an enthusiastic audience, all for the Salisbury Symphony’s concert titled “Pure and Noble Spirit.”  Salisbury Symphony was fortunate to have Solomon Eichner as the pianist for this prodigious work, Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto in g minor; requiring a virtuoso pianist as well as a virtuoso orchestra. Mr. Eichner played with virtuosic ease; he was spirited and vivacious and made the music sing and come alive."
- Salisbury Post April 2019

"Following intermission, there was another French Romantic treat: César Franck's best-known chamber-music work, the Sonata in A Major for violin and piano.

Playing this score for the first time in his still-young career, Eichner absolutely shone, especially in the cascading passagework of the Allegro second movement and in the fiery development section of the closing Allegretto poco mosso. Brian Reagin's violin reveled in the singing qualities of Franck's melodies."

- Classical Voice of North Carolina March 2019

"Solomon displays uncommon gifts at the piano. His large scale conceptions create expansive narratives in his performances, and his explosive temperament makes every note ring with energy and excitement"

 - Dr. Marina Lomazov, Concert Pianist, Eastman School of Music  

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